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Zbrush IMM Stitch Brushes - Free Pack

65 ratings
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Zbrush IMM Stitch Brushes - Free Pack

Victor Franco
65 ratings

Hello, in this pack you will find 13 custom IMM curve brushes of real stitching techniques, to use on Zbrush, totally free!

The brushes contained are:
1. Running Stitch (the most common);
2. Running Stitch Double;
3. Basting Stitch;
4. Whip Stitch;
5. Zigzag Stitch;
6. Zigzag Stretch Stitch;
7. Fell Stitch;
8. Running Fell Stitch;
9. Paris Stitch;
10. Arrow Stitch;
11. Feather Stitch;
12. Cross Stitch;
13. Button Hole Stitch (used for Embroidery as well);

IMPORTANT: The brushes were created on Zbrush 2020, so please make sure your client is updated to avoid any bugs!
Installation recommendations (you don't need to follow this if you don't want):

1. Unpack the vF_CustomStitchBrushes.rar in any folder on your pc;
2. Create a shortcut of the folder;
3. Copy the shortcut of the folder on your Zbrush's brush folder (drive:\Program Files\Pixologic\ZBrush version\ZBrushes);
4. Open Zbrush, press "," (comma) to open the Lightbox, go to Brushes and locate the folder;
5. Done!!!

I recommend this method of organizing brushes because every brush you create or acquire, you can just drop it on your computer's library and zbrush will find it once you access through the lightbox shortcut.

This way you can always format your pc without worring of losing files or creating backups everytime, as well as organizing your brush library on Zbrush's startup menus.

Tips to use:

I like to sculpt the cloth separate of the stitch, manually or with help of alphas, and then I just duplicate the cloth subtool and delete the subdivisions to a lower one. Then I place the IMM curve brush. 
This way you have a better control of the thickness,color,material and size of the stitch, that you normally don't have with only Alpha brushes (that contain cloth and stitch info together and are kinda fake).
If you want to check some of my personal works, my Instagram, Twitter and Artstation ID is: victorfrancoart

I hope you may find this helpful,


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13 Custom Zbrush IMM Curve Stitch brushes - FREE for Personal and Professional use!

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